Now, we offering two types of project

We made a video about how you can complete a project with us and how you can start a project with us and you can watch that video. WATCH NOW

Preview of client dashboard

When you login to Client Dashboard you will see the details of your project and progress. Also from here you will see all the details related to invoices and payments.

Client Dashboard Maxkinon

This is front of dashboard

Left side, When you login to Dashboard you will see an interface like this. In this dashboard you will see projects and invoices, what invoices you have, what invoices you have not paid yet you can message us and also you will see taxes any tax pending.

List of project completion date

You can see through the dashboard which task's last date and finishing date are given. You can also set when you want to finish the project.

Project Approved Maxkinon
Task and Milestone Maxkinon

List of task

Once the project is approved, you will see your projector tasks and milestones here, you will see a date that is being completed and how many days it takes to complete.

good bye Maxkinon

We done your project

Okay. That's enough intro. We're here for your help anytime.

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