Are you looking to create an account on MaxKinon ?

Once you initiate a project, our system will automatically generate your account login details.

Your Dashboard: A Hub of Efficiency

With your login details in hand, you can enter your personalized dashboard, which serves as your control center for all things Maxkinon. Here’s what you can do in your dashboard:

1. Make Payments

  • Effortlessly make payments for your ongoing projects with our secure and user-friendly payment system.

2. View Invoices

  • Access and review your project invoices at any time. Our transparent invoicing system ensures you’re always in the know about your financial transactions.

3. Track Project Progress

  • Keep a close eye on the progress of your projects. Our intuitive dashboard provides real-time updates and detailed insights, allowing you to monitor every step of your projects.


At Maxkinon, we believe in simplifying your project management experience. By starting a project, you not only avoid the complexities of traditional account creation but also seamlessly gain access to a feature-rich dashboard. Your journey with us begins with a project, and from there, you’ll enjoy the convenience and efficiency of managing your projects like never before.

Ready to embark on your Maxkinon journey? Start a project today and experience a new level of project management.

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